Set of Three French Charcuterie, Bread Board. Large Rectangle, Small Square, and Small Round

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Set of three French boards, large long rectangle, small square, and small round Charcuterie, breadboards.

These boards are a lovely primitive addition to any rustic kitchen, displayed in your home or used as charming charcuterie serving boards! 

Boards were handcrafted, giving each one its character, created using vintage, reclaimed cheese board wood planks. They will have knife markings, leftover coloration from the cheese rinds, and great patina.

Our boards are made RUSTIC and some boards may have support straps that are not flush with the board, have cracks, dings, and dents, all of which we look for to add character and make no effort to repair these imperfections. 

Approx. Sizes:

Large Rectangle Height: 32" to top of the handle. Width: 10" Depth: 1/2".

Small Square Height: 14 1/2" to top of the handle. Width: 12" Depth: 1/2".

Small Round Height: 15" to top of the handle. Width: 11 1/2" Depth: 1/2".

All boards are sealed, this will add a slight shine.

We RECOMMEND: Not submerging them in water. Not using them as cutting boards. Not to cut raw meat on them.