Decorative Porch Post And Welcome Sign

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This super cute, decorative porch post with pip berries is perfect to dress up your home or business!

Post and the welcome sign can greet your guest even before you open the door.

You could also hang a wreath or lantern for the perfect accent to your porch.

These posts and signs are made from new and reclaimed wood, hand-made, and sealed to stand up to the elements.

Painted in onyx black and finished off with a white Cactus Flower knob

Some posts may have cracks, dings, and dents which we look for to add to the character of the post.

Post Dimensions:

Height 47".

Width 4" on the top and 10" on the bottom.

The post is  4"x 4".

Sign Dimensions:

Length 12".

Height 6". 

Depth: 1/2".

Painted onyx black with white lettering.

These are made to order and the processing time is 7-10 business days!